Welcome to the continent Arenula

This continent was carved by the hands of the two almighty deities, Goda and Drof. In the orient, Goda rules. He shields, protects, and gives the stability that any population needs to thrive, as the humans, elves, and dwarves do.

Zenterkern is the primary city in these lands and is the only melting pot for all races that walk the eastern side of the continent. Beggars, urchin, and orphans live in the slums on the southern outskirts of the town. Nobles live in the center, where their luxurious mansions surround the primary mercantile hub. Average folk live in the spaces between. There is a large castle at the north where the king and the queen reside, near the military barracks filled with soldiers, that are admittedly never used in a time where peace has lasted long as anyone has remembered or cared to record. Finally, there is a well guarded jail and a large cemetery hosting numerous bodies of legends and commoners alike.

A city cannot function on its own though. Other towns, such as Faredstad, supply this great city with the foods and goods it needs to thrive and the merchants bring in a great multitude of quaint bobbles and trinkets from villages and hamlets scattered along their path.

Relations with the elves in the Salur forests of south Arenula are as good as ever. They supply the land with items such as complex wooden contraptions and puzzles for amusing the common folk, intricate wooden carvings, and bows with a quality beyond compare. The same warm relations are shared with the dwarves in the Vesmunka mountain range to the north, and their practical metalwork and stonecraft is prized throughout the lands.

The Westerlands, watched over by Drof, are considered to be too dangerous for travel, exploration, and, ultimately, expansion. Those brave enough to venture in never come out to deliver the tales of what lies beyond the mountains. Until someone does the population will choose to remain in Goda’s domain.

For reasons unknown King Chivanchi grows restless and wary. You four stand out in your respective areas. You are legends of your own right. You will be sent to explore any abnormalities reported back to the kingdom, be they rumors or not. The king must know what lies behind those mountains, and you will deliver this information to him.

Invasive Maneuvers